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  • 《A Talebearer's Tale》 Sakarin Krue-On 202x148x101cm 2017年 antique table, silicone, polyester, stainless steel
  • 《Artificial Flowers》 Chen Danqing 210x230cm 2017年 oil on canvas
  • 《Constellation》 Zhao Zhao 200x160cm embroidery on silk
  • 《Constellation》 Zhao Zhao 200x160cm oil on canvas
  • 《Double Story》 Entang Wiharso 410x130cm 2016年 aluminium, car paint, resin, color pigment, thread, polyurethane
  • 《Five Months》 Rodel Tapaya 122x91cm 2017年 acrylic on acrylic sheet and wooden frame
  • 《Flying Angels II》 Heri Dono 300x200cm 2014年 acrylic on canvas
  • 《Hunting Attempt》 Wang Yuping 200x480cm 2017年 acrylic on canvas
  • 《The Beggar's Bowl》 Rodel Tapaya 500x300cm 2018年 acrylic on canvas
  • 《thread The Shadow of Flag》 Entang Wiharso 150x230cm 2017年 aluminium resin color pigment
  • 《Flying Angels》 Heri Dono 40x120x60cm fiberglass, fabric, bamboo, electronic devices, cable, automatic timer
2020-03-20 - 2020-03-25
香港 -


Tang Contemporary Art is excited to propose a selection of works by Southeast Asian and Chinese artists as part of the group exhibition reflecting on the current state of Southeast Asian and Asian art ecology and its future.Encompassing visual art, paintings and installations, the exhibition will highlight the forward-looking perspective on the region as a place that is defined by various histories, languages and identities.

Southeast Asia has been experiencing numerous changes in the past decade, including its art system that is now progressively becoming part of the global art community. Heri Dono (b.1960 in Indonesia), who is known for Booth Options Proposed Booth Presentation kinetic sculptures combining Indonesian folk art and myths with Western concepts of visual art. “Flying Angels” is made of bamboo figures of angels resembling toy airplanes. According to the artist, “angels are the universal symbol of hope for the future”. Entang Wiharso (b.1967 in Indonesia) creates work based on his personal experience embedded with a strong examination of the predominant socio-political conditions of his country. His characters are often portrayed looking silently toward the future while trying to comprehend the increasing globalization. “Double Story” is a wall sculpture made of aluminium and resin depicting intertwining figures and exudes moods of darkly comical hysteria. Rodel Tapaya (b. 1980 in Philippines) produces artworks that are strongly related to the ideas of Claude Levi-Strauss and explore the dichotomy between scientific truths and mythical stories. According to the artist, he often finds himself “picturing in my mind the rich connections past stories can have to the present, which can even let us see a map of the future.” Sakarin Krue-On (b.1965 in Thailand) brings traditional culture into the contemporary context, reflecting on the immense changes brought by the rapidly developing modern society. “A Talebearer’s Tale” shows the lifelike head of a Schomburgk’s deer - the species were once unique to Thailand and later became extinct. The installation explores the human greed and its irreversible impact on the nature.

China is one of the main countries undergoing the rapid changes in its sociopolitical environment in the past few years. Chen Danqing (b.1953 in Shanghai) came into prominence after the Cultural Revolution and is famous for his Socialism Realist paintings portraying Tibetan minorities. His recent series of paintings featuring Chinese fashion models contemplate on the global capitalism and luxury consumerism gradually becoming one of indispensable characteristics of contemporary society. Zhao Zhao (b.1982 in Shihezi) is one of the acclaimed emerging Chinese artists known for his works challenging notions of authority. “Constellation” is his ongoing painting series representing an infinite cycle of destruction and reconstruction. Assisted by his mother, he remade these works as silk embroideries. Both of them will be featured to demonstrate the contrast between traditional Chinese craft and Western medium of oil painting. Qin Qi (b. 1975 in Shanxi) is known for his use of exaggerated colours and portrayal of Chinese minorities. His paintings create the feeling of deja vu, mixing subjective emotions of romanticism and historical ambience of classicism. Wang Yuping (b.1962 in Beijing) made “Hunting Attempt” that recreates the common motif in court painting during the Mongol-ruled Yuan Dynasty, when hunting was an important way of entertainment for the Mongolians. In this work, he intended to capture the scene showing the bleakness and desolation of the Mongol empire and reflect on the state of traditional culture in the present context.

Showcasing works by artists from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China and addressing the complexity of historical, religious and political background of these countries, the presentation seeks to provide an art experience that demonstrates the diversity of sociocultural evolution in the Asian region.

全新数字项目将为参展艺廊提供额外平台,向巴塞尔艺术展全球范围内的客户、新藏家及家们展示作品。首届网上展厅将于2020年3月发布,为参展艺廊提供机会呈献原先计划于巴塞尔艺术展香港展会展出的作品。网上展厅将于2020年3月20日至3月25日开放,井于2020年3月18日至3月20日期间进行贵宾预展全新数字项目将与展会同期举行,而非取代实体展会,并将会让艺廊在网上展厅内展出未在展位中呈献的其他策展展览作品,并标示其价格范围。然而因应2020年巴塞尔艺术展香港展会的取消,平台的首次启用将主要用以展示艺廊原先计划在展位中展出的作品。所有2020年香港展会参展艺廊都会获邀参与网上展厅,首届亦不设收费巴塞尔艺术展网上展厅可让藏家通过搜索艺廊、艺术家及媒介浏览数千件作品,并直接联系艺廊咨询销售事宜。与展会相同,网上展厅将率先开放贵宾预展,让持贵宾卡贵宾参与,随后数天将向公众开放巴塞尔艺术展全球总监 Marc Spiegler表示:「随着艺术市场不断发展,巴塞尔艺术展一直致力探索透过新科技支援艺廊的机遇。网上展厅将为艺廊提供与全球观众交流联系的进一步可能,完善艺术市场所需的持续人际互动要素。」


请通过 artbasel.com/ viewing-rooms或Art Basel App浏览网上展厅。更多有关参展艺廊及展出作品的详细资讯将于未来数周内发布。









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